window-cleaning-tips and checklist for setting up window cleaning companies which can be very profitable side businesses and complement an ongoing cleaning occupation. This should work out like a roller-skate ring that rents out roller skates to its current customers. All of these tools should not set anyone back more then a couple hundred bucks. These tools can also be rented locally to keep down startup costs. One more thing is if needed you could sell this as a separate or stand alone window cleaning business.

window-cleaning-tips and toolkit

I like using Easy Glide glass cleaner which can be bought locally at any Home Depot store for around five dollars. If you want to make you own you can try equal parts of vinegar, alcohol and water in a quart spray bottle. It is a good idea to move any plants, curtains and furniture that will be in the way of cleaning windows on the inside and put down a drop cloth or plastic trash bag. Use the vacuum with brush attachment to clean the area surrounding each window including the windows track. The next step is to wash the window sill and what I have found to work the best is Magic Eraser pads. Wet from the outer edge of the window towards the middle as to avoid excess dripping. After the window is wet, use the razor-blades then the scrubbing wand to loosen the dirt. Next dry the window by using the Squeegee and extension pole if needed. Make sure to use the squeegee in the same direction while working from top to bottom. The last step is dry all the edges with a micro-fiber cloth rag. Pick up all tools including the drop cloth and move on to the next window.

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