Our upholstery-cleaning-tips page explains our easy and proven way of doing professional upholstery cleaning and which is comprised of some very basic orderly steps to ensure the task gets done thoroughly and professionally.

 our easy upholstery-cleaning-tips and steps

  • First, if were not sure, We Check With the manufacturer for their upholstery-cleaning suggestions. Some may recommend steam cleaning upholstery.
  • Then use a drop cloth under the furniture to protect the work area of the floor.
  • The type of upholstery of the furniture will determine the steps for cleaning.

  • Using the furniture attachment on a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and other surface dirt from the upholstery.
  • As for cleaning leather upholstery including vinyl also including cleaning car upholstery. It is safest to only use upholstery cleaning products that are recommended by the manufacturers and follow its recommended cleaning process.
  • Suede Cleaning tips begin with realizing it is leather with a napped surface which requires special cleaning.  Start by vacuuming with a brush attachment. Remove any dry surface dirt with a microfiber cloth or brush by rubbing the suede gently with a nubuck brush. lightly rub stained spots with an art-gum eraser. If the spots are oil based use cornmeal to absorb it, then vacuum and  finish with applying a stain protection.
  • Always test any cleaner on an out of sight area of the piece before starting. Make sure the product you select does not remove the color or damage the fabric.
  • Pretreat any stains with a good carpet and Upholstery spot cleaner and use a white micro fiber cloth to blot the stains out as much as possible.
  • Apply the solution with a nylon brush remember to avoid getting any metal zippers and pulls wet or they will rust and discolor the fabric.
  • We have used several purchased solutions made for this task and have had great results. Woolite makes one and also consider using Scotchgard to make your next cleaning easier.
  • Make sure to remove most residual moisture from the furniture with a wet and dry vacuum or by using an upholstery cleaning machines.
  • Always stand all cushions up on their ends, This does help in the drying. Then empty the cleaning solution and vacuum the drop cloth before removing it.
  • Last I like to leave all my clients with a discount coupon good for a year which includes Cleaning car upholstery so they will remain a repeating client.

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