Our steps in truck-mount-carpet-cleaning for cleaning carpets are given here. We found this method to be faster than portable machines. We also have found portable extractors should be considered on some jobs due to building constraints.Some main advantages will be given here first, followed by our list of steps in truck-mount-carpet-cleaning systems.

First off, The vacuum power is one key for success in truck mount carpet cleaning systems.

They are able to clean several hundred feet from the unit with low loss of vacuum power.

The water pumping systems built into truck mounts are high pressure systems and are generally operated at 300-400 psi and up to 1000+ psi as a Truck Mount Pressure Washer which is a lot more then portable extractors.

The most significant benefit to truck-mount-carpet-cleaning equipment is the higher water temperatures these units can maintain which are a constant water temperature of 190-240 degrees F. Portable extraction equipment only runs at about 100-120 degrees.

The accessories which I have been using include an Rx-20 Rotary Extractor which uses 5 vacuum ports and new 3 jet system to create 650 cleaning passes per minute,

An accessories I like using on stairs and landings plus any hallway runners is called " The StairMaster " which does a great job and very easy to use. This carpet machine also is a great time saver.

A long “S” style wand is used to reach under desks and other hard to reach areas and is attached to a 3 inch diameter vacuum hose and the water pressure line which are connected to the truck mount out in the van, plus a short “hand/upholstery” wand which can also be used on stairs.

Common sense Pre-steps to do carpet cleaning

I like to start by removing all the small items including chairs, magazine racks, etc. Then I secure all breakable items from furniture before I temporarily moved them about as needed. Next I pin up any full-length draperies Then I pin up all skirts of upholstered furniture, as to keep them dry. During the traffic lane pre-soak walk-through, I’ll ask the customer for any special instructions to know before moving their items.

Ps. Don't forget to cover your work vehicle with a good auto insurance policy.

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