Spring Cleaning Tips

We review our housekeeping notebook for spring cleaning tips when the season changes. On March 20 or 21 of each year is when we move our clocks ahead by one hour which allows for more cleaning. This is also the time of the vernal equinox which causes the earth's first day of spring. This seasonal  change brings increasing daylight and works as a good trigger to replenish spring cleaning supplies. Each year we have a spring cleaning event we like to call it our spring cleaning garage sale to help us earn extra money. This seasonal work is also under fall cleaning tips in our housekeeping notebook.

Tips for spring cleaning

1.  It's time to wash the comforters for seasonal storage then wash each room's curtains. Put extra blankets into storage till the fall season. Do not forget to bring out from storage any needed lighter bedclothes for the spring season.

2. On a warmer but cloudy day wash all the windows inside and outside including all the tracks. Leave a window or two per room half open for fresh air until the night air stars getting chilly.

3. Working from ceiling on down, to avoid getting what you just cleaned dirty again. Do dusting first then vacuuming before washing the floor. We like using a swifter duster with an extendable handle for reaching above window and door tops or into  corners. Household rags are cheaper then those costly paper towels because their reusable and microfiber cloths truly work the best.

4. Begin washing all the bedroom walls then the master bathroom followed by the hallway walls. Once those are finished continue with wall washing for all the main living areas including the dinning room, living room then finish up with the kitchen including cupboard doors and faces.

5. While doing each bathroom remember to do the medicine cabinets and your other bathroom storage closet areas to throw out or purge any out of expiration date medicines or cosmetics.

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