The purpose to maintaining-resilient-floor-coverings is to extend the time between stripping and refinishing for up to a full year.

I have known some that would strip and wax one month then spray buff the next and followed by scrub and recoat on the third month which ends their maintenance cycle. This cycle also worked for me when I only had a 300rpm. floor buffer.

After we bought our 1500prm. floor burnisher, our maintenance cycle moved out to a full year between a complete floor strip and wax applications. This saves us time and our clients save some money plus we are able to fit in more new clients with the saved time.

As a reminder, as mentioned on our cleaning-resilient-floor-tile webpage, the Resilient Floor Coverings Institute has some good tips that can extend the life of your flooring. Try to use mats before and after all entry and exits to collect any dirt and help prevent any slipping with wet feet especially in the winter seasons. Place floor protectors under furniture legs to prevent scratching the floor surface.

To start maintaining-resilient-floor-coverings cycle, begin with a through cleaning by following the process as explained on our cleaning-resiliant-floor-tile webpage, Then we would use a tan burnishing pad if we are using our 1500 rpm. burnisher or a red buffing pad if we are using our 300 rpm. buffer. We do use our 1500 rpm. burnisher for most of our clients.

While the floor is moist but not wet, start the spray buffing with a side to side motion for a 300rpm, buffer or front to back motion for a 1500 rpm. burnisher. We use a combo of Restorer and spray buffing solutions.

After the complete floor is polished then go over it with a dust mop.

It is best to start with any side rooms that require finish maintenance. The main room is then done starting from the rear to the front and ending at the main entry door or exit.

cleaning resiliant floors after initial buffing can be viewed at,
Cleaning resilient floor tile

As for pricing we normally get $35.00/hr. unless there is a lot of furniture to be moved or other cleaning tasks to be done at the same time. This should also work out to be very close to half the cost of stripping and waxing the floor.

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