Hospital cleaning

A real great place to get all needed hospital cleaning supplies or top grade cleaning products is here at our web page cleaning supply depot store. As a main primary step in cleaning policies is to offer and set up an automatic online procurement order process. As a small cleaning occupation mom and pops business owner, you can earn many extra dollars on an on going repeating base as they auto replenish all of their cleaning supplies.

Medical facility cleaning includes performing variety of environmental service duties in order to maintain a neat, orderly, and sanitary facility to maintain cleaning standards. All of these principal duties include but are not limited to; safely using manual and power equipment to sweep, scrub, mop, polish floors, clean baseboards, vacuum carpets, shampoo carpets and clean floors. Use heavy duty style of commercial-type power equipment such as vacuum cleaners and floor polishers. Clean and maintain patient rooms, offices, utility rooms, bathrooms, etc.

Here is a cleaning supply check list as a good example of the many ways you earn extra dollars from supplies that you can provide to your medical cleaning accounts.

cleaning supply checklist

Bathroom Paper & Dispensers
• Bath Tissue
• Bath Tissue Dispensers
• Facial Tissues
• Paper Towels
• Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Products
• Kitchen Paper Towels
• Napkins
• Paper Product Dispensers

Soaps & Dispensers
• Foaming Soap
• Antibacterial Soap
• Dispensers

Hand Sanitizers
• Gel Sanitizers
• Foam Sanitizers
• Sanitizing Wipes


Floor & Carpet Care
• Floor Cleaners
• Floor Equipment
• Floor Squeegees
• Matting
• Mops & Buckets

Waste & Recycling
• Can Liners
• Recycling Containers
• Waste Receptacles

Cleaning Chemicals & Tools
• All-Purpose Cleaners
• Brushes
• Microfiber Tools
• Hand Wipers & Rags
• Sponges & Scrubs
• Window Cleaning

Odor Control
• Air Fresheners
• Deodorizers

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