how to clean hardwood-floors

hardwood-floors cleaners are easy to pick when the finish type is known. Do not use ammonia when cleaning hardwood floors because it will dull the finish.

Why we do not use Murphy’s Oil Soap

On Murphy's label it says it's made from pure vegetable oil soap. as a test, smear it on a mirror then try to get it off again, and you will find that it is not so easy to remove. When someone with wet shoes walks on a floor cleaned with Murphy's oil soap, they will find this floor to be very slippery.

Do use mats at entrances of hardwood-floors to help prevent tracking in sand and salt and lessen the need for any steam cleaning hardwood floors. The four main hard wood floor types that we have run into are sealed with urethane, oil-treated, varnished and laminated.

For cleaning laminate floors first clean them by dust-moping then damp mop. For the damp-mop step just use a cap full of liquid spic and span.

Another cleaner to be carefull of the amount used is called Pinsole. If too much is used this will cause the floor to become sticky.

For sealed with urethane flooring, what I do to clean them is to dust-mop then damp-mop. We use and recommend a wood floor cleaner called Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 32-ounce and a micro fiber pad. If needed I then use a red cleaning pad with my Oreck orbiter to remove spills and heel marks.

On oil-treated wood floors I protect them with liquid wax and maintaining hardwood floors with regular buffing each week. This type of floor's old wax can be removed with a cloth dampened with mineral spirits, then I re-wax each year with a product called "Neutone" from followed with a good buffing.

Varnished and shellacked wood floors are not as resistant to moisture. As an example I had a 12 foot wide bow window installed and I coated this window's seat with "violin finish" a lacquer and varnish combo mix and hand rubbed this into the seat. I let it dry for 3 days then I used a product called "Neutone" from Hillyards and this did help safeguard against water damage to this window seat and it just looks great, especially when the sun is hitting on it.

At my own house I use a dust mop daily and use a damp [only] mop every other day for the past 10+ yrs. I have been using an Oreck's Orbiter which is only 24 lbs. and has a 13” cleaning path and very easy to work with. I use it at home and small offices like Cpa's, Insurance and banks for cleaning hardwood floors.

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