The facility-maintenance-management of a building or place that provides any particular service or used for a particular industry will include activity involved in sustaining both building and grounds for good and neat order.

Great janitorial facility janitorial service should include all of this list

  1. Plumbing problems, [browse great sales at plumbersurplus.com]
  2. Painting, plastering and papering
  3. Replacing light bulbs
  4. Everyday cleaning of common areas including windows walls and floors
  5. Minor repairs to furniture or fixtures
  6. Electrical problems and alarms
  7. Parking lot cleaning [Try stop-painting.com/paint]
  8. Any new or reconstruction cleaning
  9. Pressure washing building and all sidewalks
  10. Grounds maintenance including snow plowing and clearing fire hydrants

You must have liability insurance because most businesses will ask you for it. Use a dependable 24X7 emergency phone, hire experienced or train a staff yourself. You should offer a price guarantee while you deliver professional results. Offer your great commercial cleaning service to manage all of their building maintenance needs including ordering all their supplies and tools.

Many of these facility-maintenance, plus other facility-maintenance, can be ordered through this link button to our affiliate

If you provide complete building maintenance service to any commercial and industrial businesses through out your area or region, then your commercial cleaning service company can be a leader in facility cleaning yet still can be an affordable service. Remember that using good environmentally friendly products will help achieve this goal.

Common qualifications in facility-maintenance-management includes

  • Facility maintenance certification
  • Knowledge of Facility maintenance software
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical knowledge
  • Good work ethics
  • Current driver license and any other needed permits as required
  • Have personnel reliable transportation
  • Pass a drug screen and background investigation
  • Able to meeting customer expectations as a facility maintenance manager
  • Be adept at planning, negotiating, developing schedules and time-managing
  • Capable of inspecting buildings and grounds
  • Perform human resource duties of hiring, training, and dismissing employees
  • sustain required inventory of all facility maintenance
  • Supply room and tools
  • Good physical condition without alcohol or drug problems

An overall summary of the twelve USA district reports are prepared by a designated Federal Reserve Bank and is called " the BeigeBook " and indicated that overall economic activity continues to expand at a modest to moderate pace.

 A quick list of commercial businesses within our economic expanding industries

  • Insurance offices
  • Lawyer offices
  • CPA offices
  • Town and city offices
  • Medical Facilities
  • Credit Union offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • Churches
  • Retail Stores
  • Hair Salons
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Boat and Camper Dealerships
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Recreation and town parks
  • Dance studios
  • Auto rental agency
  • Taxicab company
  • Bus terminals
  • Athletic gyms
  • Golf course club-houses
  • Travel agencies
  • Tutoring services

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