creative advertising ideas

Here on this page you can find a few marketing ideas.
Creative advertising ideas are considered the life blood for many businesses both large and small. If potential customers do not know
that a cleaning business exist they will not be able to call for services.

1) As an adv promotional item, try to donate carpet spot cleaning kits to local fund raising campaigns.  These kits just may be a business tax deduction but it makes for good common business sense to check this with your occupation business CPA.

2) A good source of FREE newspaper ads could come from many local church bulletins.

3) Another source is from local television ads and this helps support the local economy.

4) Also local radio station ad costs may be tax deductible as most marketing should be.

5) An affordable source for ad placement is "Coffee News" which is a weekly publication at  coffee news.

6) One more source is your local movie theaters commonly run local business ad clips before each featured film.

7) A good idea is to place an ad for free web advertising at the web site " YOUR FREE LISTING ". as this web site is about the Best Cleaning and Restoration Tips and Resources.

8) Many businesses use an outbound teleservice agency for sales and marketing. It should be easy to find a local company through Google on the internet.

These were just a few ideas off the top of my head and I am sure anyone can come up with more over time but please make sure to use good ethics in advertising and keep proper and legal business records.

As more help, here listed below is a graph with some common cleaning terms for Top Searches related to 'cleaning' which would be great to use for promoting a cleaning occupation by mom and pops businesses.

Click here for graph>>>

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