commercial kitchen cleaning

Restaurant & commercial kitchen cleaning services are highly needed on a regular nightly cleaning and maintenance schedule by most or all master kitchens. As any commercial kitchen equipment cleaning company you will have a very crucial task to do which should earn you a good fee. There are many possible clients to choose from as shown here in this list.

  • Restaurants
  • Bars & Grills
  • Pubs
  • Country Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Inns
  • Nursing homes
  • Pizza parlors
  • Bagel shops
  • Coffee Shops

Cleaning a commercial kitchen stove or ranges includes a few steps as shown. First clean all overhead grease filters and traps, then stove tops and burners also check for any damaged handles. wash all the stainless steel or tiles that are behind or around each grill and oven. Follow up with cleaning all dirty range ovens including any inside racks that had been used.

The next step is to clean each convection oven. First check pilots and safety functions. Clean all food tray and racks follow up with cleaning inside and exteriors. Try not to forget to check and adjust doors and gaskets as needed.

Clean and sanitize all food preparation work tables,meat and cheese slicer, cutting boards plus coffee machines and any food staging rack. After this step then the automatic ice machine must be cleaned and
sanitize the machine’s ice cube bin.

Sweep all walk-in freezers plus each refrigeration units must also be cleaned and sanitized including storage racks or bins, then scrub with a stiff long handled scrub brush. This should lead up to a good time to empty all trash bins.

Most professional food kitchens are setup to use a strong water hose to flush clean their kitchen floors or some like to use hot steam. Don't forget to Wash all kitchen sink mats. We have used our floor auto floor scrubber for this task which did save us some time and effort we while cleaning a bagel shop.

Salad bars are another area which require to be cleaned and sanitized but first empty all leftovers. Also clean exterior then sanitize all of the top and side edges where people may have placed their hands.

As another area, do a though commercial kitchen cleaning of all dinning lounges. Each lounge should include a his and her lavatories. Both of these areas need to be cleaned and sanitized. It's best to start with clearing all bars and table tops then following up with a fresh sanitizing cleaning cloth. One area that is commonly overlooked is to wipe down each chair. Next vacuum all carpets including each entry and damp mop all their hardwood floors also when you get a chance read our web page on “how to clean hardwood-floors”.

Finish up with cleaning resilient floors and ensure to offer maintaining-resilient-floor-coverings to all your clients. These extra tasks of floor maintenance will greatly boost your yearly earnings.

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