commercial cleaning service

commercial cleaning service leans more towards industrial buildings or complex structures such as hospital cleaning, nursing homes, schools, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and restaurants. A maid or cleaning services on the other hand normally clean homes and some small business offices plus they also clean apartments.

Starting out with a janitorial cleaning service or a Janitorial franchise is just too costly for most people who are just looking for part time or second income. As a cost saving startup step, just have a look at our household cleaning recipes which saves having to purchase commercial products.

Many opportunities for developing a commercial-cleaning-service occupation are listed here along with some supplementary services which can be use as business expansion services.

A list of cleaning occupation income opportunities for mom and pops.

  1. Small business offices like doctors, insurance, tutoring services
  2. Medical facilities with ten or fewer doctors
  3. Commercial kitchen cleaning
  4. Nursing homes with twenty or less residents
  5. Retail Stores with ten thousand square feet or less
  6. Hair Salons with ten or less hair or nail stations
  7. Banks with five or less satellite branches
  8. Restaurants and bars with seating for two hundred or less
  9. Auto and camper dealerships with three or fewer satellite branches
  10. Manufacturing facilities with one hundred or less employees
  11. Recreation and town parks including some small facilities
  12. Taxicab companies including twenty five cabs or less

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