cleaning the kitchen

Expeditiously cleaning the kitchen by proceeding in steps.
Our guide is here as help for steps that can be used regularly.
Here on this page we will let you know what we use as good kitchen cleaning products.

For the first step is to dust the room down from the ceiling down using a lamb's wool duster as was mentioned on our BATHROOM page. Make sure to get all light fixtures, top of doors, door hardware and windows including curtains.

As the best second step, is to use a few drops of Simple Green in a 2 gallon bucket of warm water and use a microfiber cloth to do the kitchen hood cleaning. Please keep in mind if your doing commercial kitchen cleaning that there may be more then just one hood.

After this step is done, place this cleaning cloth into an empty plastic bag and rinse out the 2 gallon bucket. Now refill the 2 gallon bucket with warm water and a few drops of Spic and Span to begin cleaning wood kitchen cabinets.

Next comes the stove top and front, but it is a time saver to presoak
the burner grills in a pan with a few drops of Simple Green cleaner.

Now proceed with washing down the stove top and front plus do not forget to do the stove drip pan under the burners.

Followed by the dishwasher inside and outside. Wash down the refrigerator and freezer tops, front and exposed sides.

It is time to do window cleaning with Invisible Glass, both inside and outside.

By the time these few steps are completed, you can go back and clean the presoaked burner grills.

Follow up by cleaning the sink and the waste basket inside and outside.

What we use for the counter is Pledge MultiSurface spray which does work on granite and laminated tops. I like to use a microfiber clothe for this task so I can then use it on all electrical plates & switches.

Final step for cleaning the kitchen comes the floor cleaning task, so first vacuum the sink mat and then the whole floor. Next rinse out the 2 gallon bucket and refill it with warm water and a few drops of Spic and Span and wash the floor. Dry the floor with a large towel or a dry mop.

The check list to cleaning-the-Kitchen

Dusting - top to bottom
kitchen hood cleaning
cleaning kitchen cabinets
stove top, grills, drip pan and front
dishwasher inside & out
refrigerator and freezer tops & sides
toaster, mixer & can-opener
Clean all electrical switch plates and door hardware
Clean the floors including base boards
window cleaning inside & out
sink and waste basket inside & out
counter tops and electrical plates & switches
floor cleaning
Extra requests

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