cleaning the bathroom

cleaning the bathroom

These are one of the areas which many busy home owners gladly pay to have maintained on a regular bases. Here are the basic steps and check list for cleaning-the-bathroom as a help guide.

Some bathroom cleaning products can be more of a hindrance to use. I will also tell what I like to use.

To start with use a Lamb's wool duster because feather dusters will only move any dust around.

When cleaning a house for a client, cleaning the bathroom is a good practical area to start with.

The first step to cleaning the bathroom is to dust every thing down from ceiling on down including the window, curtains and blinds, also include all fans, light fixtures then door tops. 

After dusting Next step is to
clean the windows inside and out and I like to use Invisible Glass by Stoner co.

Now it's time to scrub the bathing areas. A good shower cleaner is by Arm & Hammer and is clear plus it prevents mildew stains.
A white light duty super fine textured scrubber pad by Trim Brush Co. is a good  way to to remove soap scum on all bathing area's including sinks & tile. Use a 1" X 3" sturdy stiff bristle brush with an 8" handle to clean hard to reach areas.

Next it's time to clean the toilet inside & outside with a good bleach free, disinfecting cleaner like clorox bathroom cleaner using a soft swab toilet brush.

Sanitize the phone and remote controls with disinfecting wipes
and follow this with cleaning all electrical plates & switches
also using the disinfecting wipes.

The final thing to do is the floor. vacuum it first, then wash it with floor cleaner like Spic and Span liquid is an excellent choice for this because it is designed to be safe for the
environment plus it is very cost effective per usage.

Dry the floor with a large towel or a dry mop.

Now that this room is done the next logical room to get
cleaned would be the
bedroom including any dressing  and play areas,

The check list to cleaning-the-Bathroom

Dusting - top to bottom
Clean the windows inside & out
Clean bathing area's of tubs and showers
Cleaning bathroom tile and grout around sinks
Clean medicine cabinet door inside & mirror on outside
Clean all vanity tops & doors
Clean the toilet inside & outside
Clean all electrical switch plates and door hardware
Clean the floors including base boards
laundry & utility areas
Extra requests

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