cleaning-resilient-floor-tile is simple but does take time and effort.

First off the Resilient Floor Covering Institute also has some good tips which can extend the life of your flooring.

 12 steps and considerations

we use on a regular bases for cleaning-resilient-floor-tile.

1] Try to use mats before and after all entry and exits to collect any dirt and help prevent any slipping with wet feet especially in the winter seasons.

2] Place floor protectors under furniture legs to prevent scratching the floor surface.

3] Do use latex based driveway sealers to limit the tracking of oil based sealers.

4] Cleaning resilient floors should be done daily by dust and spot mopping. If the flooring is in a heavy traffic facility such as a restaurant then damp mop it twice daily.

5] New flooring should be stripped after a 2 week drying period, as to remove the manufacturers protective sealer coating. Now go ahead and wax the floor for the first time.

6] Old flooring should be stripped if yellowing or embedded dirt and if there are a lot of deep scratches or worn spots.

7] Use a mop and bucket with cold water with a stripping agent called Assault or an equivalent. This floor stripper does not require machine scrubbing and has a low odor and works fine in cold water. Leave the stripper on the floor for 15 to 20 minutes while scrubing out the corners but not untill its dry .

8] Then use an auto scrubber or a wet/vac to extract up the old dirty water and wax.

9] The next step is to give the floor a real good clear water rinse to remove any remaining floor stripper. Follow this with a good damp mopping as to ensure no puddles have been left behind to interfere with the floor waxing.

10] As the floor dries start applying the sealer or first coat of wax. Instead of using a mop for waxing try to always use a Micro Fiber Applicator for a neater job and work from the inner corner on out to the exit. Most jobs will take 2 to 5 coats of wax finish depending on type and if a sealer is used as a first coat.

11] Allow one half hour drying time between each layer and use a fan, but not pointed directly onto the new waxed finish. Shut off all the lights as you finish up with the last layer and lock the doors as you leave for the night.

12] Maintaining resiliant floors after initial waxing is layed out in easy steps which can be viewd at, Maintaining-resiliant-floors

There does seem to be lots of work for those who are willing to seek for it, as most businesses like Hair Saloons, Coffee shops, and Pizza Parlors all need there floors to be done.

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