cleaning ceiling tiles

A nifty way to make money is with an add-on business for cleaning ceiling tiles or even as a stand alone style of ceiling cleaning business. A ceiling fan cleaning services can also be offered as another method of extra bonus income. Work of this nature can come from restaurants or other food processing establishments.

Other ways to locate more ceiling tile cleaning work is going  through insurance companies and local real estate agents.  Here are two lists below, first one for equipment needed and another of process steps to assist in completing this task. Once you begin acquiring a client or two other restaurants and bakeries or even bagel shops will begin to hear about your new company and want to hire your needed services. Two more client getting ideas is to introduce your company to your local fire department and with your states food safety inspector.

Natural vulcanized latex rubber cleaning sponges are ideal for the removing of loose soot and smoke from latex paint and ceilings. We also use them to clean suede, fabric, wallpaper even fireplace-bricks.

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Equipment needed

  • Clean, non-colored terry or microfiber cloth towels.
  • Long handled swifter duster.
  •  Nylon bristle scrub brush.
  • Scotch scrub pads or magic erasers.
  • Clean 3 gallon pump sprayer.
  • A clean spray bottle for spot treating.
  • Two large plastic drop cloths.
  •  Small 5 gallon Shop wet-vac.
  • Biodegradable cleaner like spic and span
  • Spectrum Industrial Cleaner Concentrate.
  • Step ladder like a little-giant.
  • One 3 gallon bucket and  vulcanized sponges.
  • Long handled window washing pad.
  • Protective safety goggles.

Process steps
  1. Cover work area with drop clothes then put on safety goggles.
  2. Start by dusting the ceiling or if needed use those natural  vulcanized latex rubber sponges before washing.
  3. Spot treating: Use a bleach mixture on bad spots, allow to set for up to an hour before washing.
  4. Mix up the ceiling tile mixture according to the manufacturers directions.
  5. Spray a small area of the ceiling and then wipe it dry to see how good it looks.
  6. Continue doing small areas until all done, do not over wet ceiling tiles to avoid damaging them.
  7. Do any ceiling fans as the work progresses to avoid having to go back to do them.

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