Specialty cleaning-brushes are part of any home or business janitorial accessories. These are occupational tools which do require routine purging with clean water. It is best to use a drop or two of mild dish detergent and rinse with clear water then just air dry them.

Cleaning brushes will also need proper storage just like most good house keeping always includes some tool maintenance and storage, such as vacuums, lawnmowers or garden tools.

We found it is easy to use a cleaned large soft drink container or Dixie cup to hold all our cleaning brushes in a upright position as required instead of just laying them loose in our cleaning tool-caddy.

cleaning brushes are used in many kinds of detailed tasks:

• Buffing or • polishing
• Scouring & • Stripping
• Dusting & • removing Dirt
• Rust & stain removal
• exquisite fine  artwork

We always use each brush for the same dedicated task like our Straight plate brush is only used on soft metals like gold. We use our curved plate brush on other metal frames such as silver. It just would not be following or using any good Common-Business-Sense to use a dirty waxing brush on any pewter picture frame as that could cause more harm then good.

Many of these brushes, plus other custom brushes can be ordered through this link button to our affiliate

Some of these occupational cleaning-brushes are easy to locate and others are a little bit harder to find. Like horsehair brushes which should be reserved for dusting chandeliers or gilded frames and extensive detailed furniture. An inexpensive shaving-brush will handle the task of most book dusting.  A pig-hair brush can easily be used on plaster walls or ceilings and another for fireplace shrouds plus the mantels. We find our thin track and grout brush to be one of our most often used occupational brush tool.  A baseboard brush is a very good time and back saver. 

Refrigerator coil brushes can easily double duty as a banister brush. A dryer lint brush can also double duty as a duct cleansing brush and a window cleaning brushes works well as a car washing brush. The main thing is to make sure to clean each brush in-between each cleaning task.

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