Business Name Ideas

Gathering business name ideas for your occupation is not hard to do.
Please remember while assessing any occupation names,
one common mistake is to give it your own name initials.
This will become a problem if you sell it and the new
owners initials are different then yours.

For most good occupation names, keep it very descriptive
of what it does within its industry. After you pick one,
I recommend you sleep on it over night to see if
you are still ok with it. Try to yell out loud your
new occupation name while choosing a great
business name which sounds the most clear
and crisp to you.

Remember your potential customers will be
driving by billboards very fast or sitting in
busy traffic, so their attention is hard to
reach.  Ads in magazine or postcards
are read and discarded at a quick pace.

A few good chosen or catchy slogans will make a world of difference in making creative business names hard to forget.

Which domain Tag

As for which domain tag to use in your occupation,
I recommend using a .com domain tag because
it was developed for doing online business.
The .net  tag was designed for use by
businesses that provide network

As for .org it is mostly used with nonprofit business.
The .gov is self explanatory "government".

Check it legally

Do a check as a domain for online web usage.
Go and try web link
betterwhois,  before it becomes reserved.
Plus check if it’s also available at web link Domain lookup.

Then as a good common business sense step do a quick
check here with a service called Globalnaming.
They are like a business name generator plus they help to
avoid obscure meanings in business names. This
one single step could be one of the most important
for any international style business.

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