Check list and detailed steps for bedroom-cleaning are
listed below including many tips to keep the task as
easy as possible and less time consuming.

The first step of a bedroom deep cleaning tips list for
cleaning a bedroom is to turn on all lights to insure you
see all dust including any in each closet. Plus This way
you can replace any dead bulbs.

It is easiest to start off doing a quick pick up of each
closet and main bedroom.

Follow this pickup with a good though dusting with a
lambs wool duster as was mentioned on our

Going from the ceiling on down which must
include any photos, artwork, light & fan, drapes and blinds.

Sanitize the phone and remote controls with disinfecting wipes
and follow this with cleaning all electrical plates & switches
also using the disinfecting wipes.

Clean all the windows inside and outside using a cleaner like
Perfect Glass and a squeeze do not forget to do each window
sill and screen. After your done with this task go ahead and
do any mirrors with the same equipment.

Dust and polish any furniture including vanities with Pledge's
Multi-Surface spray which is streak-free and also an antistatic.

Sprinkle some baking soda into each trash bin, sometimes they
are located in the closets also.

Spot clean any stains with a good carpet spot remover

Vacuum and damp-mop all hard floor surfaces and clean & dust all
sitting areas, such as a computer desk.  We like using Oreck vacuum-cleans since they are so much lighter to work with.

Clean any marks and finger prints on the walls with a Magic Eraser, but remember to use them lightly because they are a fine form of fiberglass sandpaper.

Clean under the bed with the vacuum and dust off any shoes

Give the room and all closets a few shots of Febreze but do not
over do this step because some people may dislike it's scent.

Make sure to shut off all lights and fans, including in closets.

bedroom-cleaning checklist

turn lights on
do a quick pickup
dust from the ceiling down
clean any wall marks
clean all electrical plates & switches
sanitize the phone and remotes
do the windows inside and outside
polish the dressers and night stands
spot clean any carpet stains
vacuum under the bed and behind all furniture
Spot clean any carpet and upholstery stains
use baking soda each trash bin
spray a few shots of Febreze
turn all lights off
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