barbecue grill cleaning

Barbecue grill cleaning is a seasonal cleaning task from spring to fall for many families. These barbecue grill cleaning steps are contrived to make that chore as easy as possible and are usable on both charcoal or gas types of grills.

1) A warm spring day is great to haul out the grill from storage or assemble a new one. Remember to remove any covers and tools plus all cooking accessories.

2) Connect any gas or electric lines or add coals for a charcoal type and preheat your grill so it’s lukewarm or 100 degrees. After the unit is warm turn off all burners or use a coal shovel and metal bucket to safely remove the hot coals.

3) Apply a light film of cooking oil to the unit grills and hood. The oil will spread more evenly while the unit is warm but not hot.

4) Restart the unit’s burners or coals if it is a charcoal type grill and continue heating the unit completely before you cook as this step will burn off all of the protective oil covering and will remove any moisture as well.

5) Once the cooking is finished and the unit is still lukewarm or 100 degrees, disconnect any gas or electric lines then following our barbecue grill cleaning steps to make life a little eraser for you and the planet. Try to remember not to use regular oven cleaner outside because it’s not biodegradable.

6) If the rack is coated with a nonstick finish do not use a wire type of cleaning brush because it may scratch or harm the finish. Remove any ceramic bricks with some long tongs and wash them and all the grates with biodegradable soap and water, rinse thoroughly then let them air dry.

7) The task of cleaning stainless steel grill is also easy to do with biodegradable soap and water, rinse thoroughly then let them air dry. After this just go ahead and use the remaining soap and water to finish the outer shell of the unit. It is a good practice to run the grill on full high heat for about fifteen minutes to burn off any extras left.

8) Once the grill unit and parts have cooled it’s time to coat all with a light coating of cooking oil. Replace all the grills and parts then recover the grill with a tight fitted waterproof tarp.

9) As for the end of season cleaning gas grill and storage just remember to avoid storing any gas tank indoors. It is safer to disconnect all gas tanks and place them outside next to a garage and out of the way.

Here are a couple finial notes:

GrillStones do clean faster then wire brushes and scouring pads,
but they wear out very quick and they are costly to repurchase.

A good gas grill parts supplier for most manufacturers is located on the web at


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