Some common business sense will indicate a need for capitol. Some startup business financing can come as a  small business administration "sba" startup loan or as a small business grant. Here on this page is where you can find a few steps to consider before you have a successful business opening day. Also take a peek at our  Company-Policies which could save some planning time. Each step has a correlating web page of its own and easily accessed right below our laid out "natural business start up progression tree".

Natural Progression tree to Business Starting

  • NAME
  • Tax ID
  • CPA
  • Plan
  • Office
  • Software
  • Equipment
  • Advertising
  • Form-an-llc
  • Cleaning Rates

These steps lead to business ownership!

  1. You will need a fictitious company Name like "Mom’s Helpers" or something like it.

  2. Next step is to Check out availability of your new company’s name at the state which you live in. All US states are at name a company. As a side note, for online expansion do a check of your new business name as a domain name.

  3. You will also need a Tax ID number, and then you can open a business bank account. After you do all of the above, register [if needed] at your local state office and city town Hall.

  4. Find a CPA as a tax adviser for more business startup help.

  5. Try our general-ledger-accounting-software page to help locate a good software package.

  6. Click here to view a small-business-plan-outline. which consists of a story board style Janitorial Template.

  7. A list of equipment needed to make the most of any startup opportunity that may develop. You can buy some or start out renting needed equipment locally.

  8. Here is an easy to follow and convenient web-link to our cleaning-brushes page about brush selection and ordering.

  9. home-office-design provides help to setup your small business office. We like getting our office supplies from Officemax, who should carry all the office supplies you need to manage a cleaning occupation business. As for a dependable business computer, I recommend a laptop by Lenovo , which is a customer-focused company with extraordinary resources and broad reach, providing innovative PCs and best-in-class customer service. Once per week we keep our laptop Screens dust free with a great product called ScreenDr-cleaner from Amazon. For a few more time saving tips with the always ongoing task of office organizing try our keen page about doing Organizing-home-office .

  10. How to form an llc as a legal business entity what-is-an-llc Now to get Insurance and Bonding, ask at your bank because they may be able to help for a good Insurance Company or look on the internet.

  11. Look in your local yellow pages and on line for local Janitorial suppliers or just try this link Who and use "Janitorial suppliers" as a category.
  12. Offer your cleaning service Pressure Washing to friends in exchange for good references.

  13. Use word of mouth advertising also read our page about

  14. setup a house cleaning price list to hand out to your clients as taught on our web page of house-cleaning-rates.
  15. Expand and grow your cleaning occupation business with add on services like Windows.

  16. check out our page facility-maintenance-management to see what common qualifications and services are needed in order to offer any current clients a complete building maintenance program.

  17. As another income source, set up a
    Betty Mills Affiliate Program - Make Money!
  18. accept credit cards for your business services
    Accept Credit Cards Visa MasterCard Discover American Express

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