Organizing-home-office is an ongoing task, so to start just go ahead and empty off the top of the desk. Then wipe off the surface with a disinfectant spray followed with a quick rubbing with some good furniture polish. Place only essential items on the desktop and use desk organizers. Maintain a daily to-do list on your computer's desktop. Use an easy and free program for up to twenty employees attendance tracking which is downloadable from Please remember to do system backups.

Try to use containers for Organizing-home-office from or stores. In order to help save time as you learn how to organize paperwork, it is best to use a hierarchy system for mail and immediately separate both form of email and snail-mail into three bins. The first is called new or received, then the second called processing and the third are named out or to-be-archived. Always use stackable containers to hold any office supplies as to save space, like paper clips pens that land on the desktop. It is best to use a near by closet to archive all closed end of month work orders. These are placed into monthly color coded home office storage boxes for archiving.

There is a magazine hanging styled table in our sitting and waiting lounge area of the office. Always donate all out of date or old magazines so not to accumulate any of them. Do try to return calls both land line and cell phone within one hour to avoid accumulation. Set aside the final fifteen minutes of each work day to clear your desk and straighten up the office including any waiting area to help ensure that you can start each day fresh, also use this time to Clean out your files and dispose of unnecessary items.

Keep business cards and other contact information organized in a rollerdex so you can easily access them or try to keep a scanned image of each in your laptop or desk computer. As another great idea, just Create a new account with, absolutely FREE! Keep as many files as possible on your computer instead of in paper form to help prevent clutter but just remember to do system routine backups.

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Use a small mobile table alongside the desk. A double tiered one is best so you can use the lower shelf for reference material; the upper level is used for organizing paperwork or items you're currently working with.

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