EXTRACTION-RUG-CLEANING is considered to be one of the best carpet cleaning methods today. The reason this method is widely used is that it removes most of the dirt and sand which aids in prolonging the rugs life. This rug cleaning method should really not be used on silk carpets which should not get wet. This method also should not be used on wool due to the excess heat could harm the natural fibers.

Start this method by first vacuuming the carpets including the entry and exit throw rugs. My second step is to pre-spray all the traffic lanes and any stains with pre-soak solution. Then fill the machine's tank with hot water and carpet cleaning solution. This machine should come with a 12' to 15' hose and a 6' wand. This wand is used to spray the carpet cleaning solutions into the carpet and vacuum the cleaning solution back out with the dirt and any excess water. The cleaning solution we use is a low foaming type, but if you get lots of foam just use a good defoamer solution in the recovery tank.  As a good backup and low cost defoamer solution put about half a cup of rubbing alcohol into the extraction tank and it will reduce the amount of foaming.


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As for rental extraction rug cleaning machines , they lack enough vacuuming power to get all the water back out again and can lead to mold problems. A carpet cleaning van is a really great choice as a truck-mount-carpet-cleaning system has a much stronger vacuuming ability. A very comfortable level of income can be produced as professional rug cleaners. A great common business developing tip is to leave each of your clients with two carpet cleaning coupons that are good for one year. This way most or all your clients will likely call you back twice within the next year. The final step is to use a carpet rack to stand up all the rug fibers which will shorten the drying time.

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