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Our Company Policies overview page is intended to introduce you as start up company owners with a few common business sense ideas about working conditions, staffing benefits, and some policy choices affecting your staff and business. It is also highly recommended to have your legal department review all your company policies including your company vehicle policy.

Fairness in treating people without prejudice is the law of the land as indicated at this website.

Good Company Policies should include a staff training program. This will help to provided accelerated productivity of new hires. One really good common business sense tip is to spend the time to look into local state tax breaks with this economy for staff training.

Some states have laws mandating break and lunch periods. It is a good idea to look at each states website as to gain some insight into these state laws.

All personnel files are considered company property and their access must be restricted.

Staff data changes are the responsibility of each employee to notify the company.

When a decision is made to close the office due to weather or emergencies, all employees are to receive notification by phone or radio.

Reviews including planning sessions with all regular full-time and regular part-time employee and other staff members should be held after each 6 months cycle.

Company Policies could state employees may hold outside jobs in non-related businesses or professions.

Corrective Action sequence should include an oral warning, a written warning, probation, and finally termination of employment.

All companies must provide information to staff about workplace safety and health issues.

A leave of absence may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Employees with health-related issues, including pregnancy should notify the company.

Only authorized personal may purchase supplies and expenditures for the company.

Employer and staff must complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9

Company-Policies should inform all staff members that they are expected to follow all of the company acceptable conduct standards.

The use of good common business sense, based on high ethical principles, should guide your staff to company acceptable conduct.

Cobra Benefits are United States of America’s laws which provides employees and their covered dependents their right to continue their group health benefits care coverage after a qualifying event. is a good website to view this law for this mandated employee benefit.

If you’re a new start up company, you may not be able to provide for paid holidays as yet but should consider it as your business growth allows.

As for Insurance, it should include the date when any coverage begins, the percentage of premium the company pays and any costs the employee have to pay, also how employee pay premiums, if payroll deduction are an option.

All companies should withhold income tax from all employee’s earnings and participates in FICA (Social Security) and Medicare withholdings and matching programs as required by Federal and state laws.

Vacation by most companies is 10 vacation days each year, accrued monthly at the rate of 0.833 days.

Find more forms for any business at the website located at "”. Plus another place to try is the website at “”.

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