Common-Business-Sense comes from attributes which some individual’s posses as a keen sense of implementation of business issues affecting a company or its clients.

Business savvy means you know a lot about your business including its customers. Effective business resources management is a building block and absolute essential for business productivity and reliable customer service in both good and trying times. Developing a successful business also means keeping accurate and timely financial information for later use in tax and business growth planning.

Using these Sense secrets can be the key to an entrepreneurial success. In today’s business world a little common sense still goes a very long way. Common business sense is known as an art, not a science but does rely on it. Those who demonstrate common business sense are more likely to be successful. The abstract parts of business etiquette are mostly just using common business sense.

As one of our secret examples is to use an old economic indicator, like when a lot of people are applying to be in the military services, then the economy is down and unemployment statistics will be high. One more example is we have learned to book most of our monthly clients within the first three weeks there by leaving the last week open in case of bad weather. This will help prevent potential  loss income.

The main common Sense secret we have learned to any business success is, it‘s all relative to hard work.As business entrepreneurial owners, you will have to be your own cheep labor to get things off the ground and growing.

Common-Business-Sense dictates that everything you do has results and consequences. As an example, the use of a business postal box instead of a private home is a great theft deterrent measure and is acceptable as a business tax deduction.

Once you Find a CPA , Setup a monthly receivables check list to keep track of who has not paid yet. Pay each quarterly Federal Business Taxes on time or risk getting a penalty.

We have set up one of our time-honored clients to pay quarterly which matches our due taxes as a safety measure to ensure we have the funds on hand for our federal business taxes.

As a good Common-Business-Sense step, we always make backup entry keys for each of our client’s establishments or home which we do any cleaning service for.

Make a scanned copy of each client’s check received as a second proof of payment also keep a second copy of all business transactions on an external storage disk drive.

Learn from the past is a true and tried secret to help growing any cleaning occupation.

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