Bonnet rug cleaning

Bonnet rug cleaning is a method which is used on synthetic fiber carpeting. First pre-soak all traffic lanes with a 2gallions spray-tank with a good traffic lane solution. Follow this with the carpet cleaning solutions which are applied either to the brush through a tank or misted onto the carpets and rugs as work progresses until all rooms are done. Nylon is the most common sold synthetic carpets and you can tell synthetic because it's fibers will float in a pan of water.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Used

This carpet cleaning method is done with commercial carpet cleaning equipment or a rotary rug cleaning machine running at 175 rpm's and a wool or synthetic  bonnet. The dirt and soil will be absorbed into the bonnet as it is run over the carpeting surface. As a warning, "if the bonnet is run dry then it will leave burn ring marks in the carpets". After ample drying time of 2 to 3 hours the rug is vacuumed to remove the carpet cleaning solutions. This method drys very quickly because of the low amount of water that is used and gets good carpet cleaning reviews. One bad point in this method is it does not clean down to the base of the carpeting. A carpet cleaning machine and carpet cleaning solutions can be bought and rented locally at any Home Depot or tool rental stores.

This process of bonnet rug cleaning has very limited final result for soil and grit removal. It also leaves a great deal of the detergent in the pile because due to no extraction is used. This does lead to early re- dirtying for each rug. A big second major disadvantage of using this process is the need to ensure that the spinning bonnet does not dry out. A dry out bonnet will leave burnt marks and may lean to cutting the pile fibers. As a more effective carpet  CLEANING-TIPS are located here on this page.

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