Our Anti-Spam

We do not like unsolicited mail or any other forms of spam,
and we view spam as an invasion of our e-mail and privacy.
We do not see any requirement for it and follows a zero
tolerance spam policy. Our spam website policy is
stated here for your viewing. If you have any questions,
please also see our
Contact Us page.

First off, we do not do any unsolicited bulk email or mass
mailings to you from
We do not offer any of your information to others which also
means, we do not do any list swopping with other web-sites like news
groups or social-media sites. Our only liaison with you will
be to inform you of changes to our web site and if there are
any changes to our web site's Privacy Policy or updates we
believe you wish to be informed of, such as Opt-in notice
to our newsletter, e-mail, or blog plus if there is any
survey or contest you may want to enter. If you have questions please see our Personal section of our page about Disclaimer-and-Disclosure .

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