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Our about us page here is simply to inform you our readers, that we share accumulation of knowledge and occupational skills plus experiences as help to develop solid common business sense.

All are welcome to cleaning occupation by mom and pops! Yes, our name is difficult to say but we will show you one step at a time which any one can apply to help improve their unemployment statistics. We do talk about our occupation skills and experiences. Points of interest may be the many various income producing opportunities we have found in running our own cleaning occupation business over the past several years.  These methods are grouped into income producing categories and listed below.

We spent half of our work life in building and repairing computers and we worked part time for various cleaning companies. After the dot-com market crashed we left that field and started a cleaning business in Florida where we did over $30,000 per/yr in only 4 hrs. per/day in our first year. Ginny [my wife] wanted to move back to New Hampshire so we started another Cleaning Occupation business and did $35,000 in our first year and it’s been climbing ever since.

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