Welcome to CleaningOccupation-by-momandpops which is a web site about the processes that janitors and cleaners pursue inorder to earn a livelihood. Anybody can improve their unemployment statistics just by doing any or all of the activities laid out here on our website for all to view. An entry-level positions search will show that anyone can do each of these activities to make a car or most mortgage payments. We have found it is quite common to hear of new janitorial companies starting out on part time bases and then they continue developing into full time employment of moms and pops.

Starting up a cleaning-occupation requires tolerance, but if done right will become profitable. All effort spent on marketing and a sound occupation plan will reward you with many years of success. Understanding your trade competition and why they are running their own enterprise will also help to guide you. Some cleaning-janitorial company owners come from many other professions and industries like us with our computer backgrounds. Today many people are choosing to practice their occupation well into their later years as supplements to their retirements.

Janitorial or a custodial occupation is a learned profession which provides a very important and needed service for both residential and comercial. Most of our clientele would prefer to know who are in their buildings. This is why Mom and Pops or small teams have an edge over large franchises which do frequently change their help.

Site Content Summary

The STARTUP section will show the business end of things like business start up steps plus Expanding, Advertising, Taxes and Insurance, etc.

Commercial CleaningOccupation-by-momandpops business makes up a large segment of the world wide janitorial industry. Many small cleaning occupation business owners develop into fully blown companies known as facility-maintenance-management corporations.

Our Residential page is a good spot to check for a HOUSE-CLEANING-LIST as a guide which you can use on a regular base to master the house custodian processes.

Rug cleaning is one of the largest employment sections of the cleaning and janitorial industry and we have listed the steps for each method including when to use each method of carpet cleansing.

This site will also include  tips for the do it your self types including tips from all directions and different theories offered by many people.

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